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Size: 1 inch body in length.

Color: Light brown (sometimes darker) with distinctive “fiddle shaped” marking on it’s back. 3 pairs of eyes.

Habits: Prefer dark, secluded spaces like basements and attics where they are less disturbed and there are more insects. Only bite if disturbed. They do not pursue humans. Bite may produce open ulcerating sores. Flu-like symptoms may accompany the bite. If you suspect a bite from a brown recluse spider get medical attention, but do not panic.


Size: Body—3/4 inch. Abdomen can reach 3/8 inch in diameter.

Color: Most often Black. Sometimes Dark to Light Brown. Has red markings on underside of it’s abdomen that often take on an hourglass shape.

Habits: Constructs scaffold like webs in secluded, protected areas where more insects are located. Prefer dark, dry, undisturbed places. A bite from a black widow will have red, localized swelling. Muscular spasms, increased blood pressure, difficulty breathing and speaking may accompany bite. Small children and the elderly are more likely to suffer more severe symptoms. Again, Seek medical attention, but do not panic.


Size: 3/8 inch in length with a spherical abdomen.

Color: Brown or tan with markings.

Habits: Responsible for most cobwebs inside of buildings. Often make their webs around doorways and windows because of the increase of insects in those areas. Prefer corners of basements and garages where they are less likely to be disturbed and there are more insects.


Spiders are natural predators to insects. A general seasonal service reduces spiders inside a home by controlling the insects on which they feed. Removing old spider webs, sealing windows and doorways, and treating exterior spider nesting sites are additional means of control.

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