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Size: 5-7 inches including tail.

Color: Brown to Grey

Habits: Mice have keen senses and can climb and jump with ease. Mice often make their nests where there is little human activity. They are nibblers and come indoors foraging for food and water. They can enter the home through a hole 1/4 inch in diameter. Often the first signs of mice will be their black droppings. Sanitation is very important in dealing with mice droppings.


The Norway Rat is common to the Midwest.

Size: 12—18 inches including tail

Color: Brown to Dark Grey

Habits: Gnaw marks and droppings are prime indications that a rat is in your home. They specifically like to eat meat, grain and dog food and require 1 oz of water a day to live. They enter a home foraging for food and water. They are great climbers and can enter the home through a hole 1/2 inch in diameter.


Most rodents can be taken care of by baiting and trapping in appropriate areas. Home owners can help prevent rodent infestation by keeping garbage empty, keeping dog food sealed, weather stripping doorways, storing firewood away from the home, removing debris away from the home and caulking any holes larger than 1/4 inch in diameter.

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