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Other Common Pests


Size: Tiny—about 1 inch, flat

Color: Reddish brown

Habits: Often enter the home on infested pets. Populate on animals quickly. Pets sleeping areas are usually highly infested. Infested pets must be treated during professional home treatment. After professional treatment it will take up to two weeks until fleas are no longer seen and often a follow up treatment is necessary. Vacuuming everyday will help with treatment.


Size: 1/4 inch long.

Color: Oval wings are red or orange, often with black spots.

Habits: Begin to seek protective structures in September—November when the cool down begins. Often gather in door and window frames, attics and soffits. Hibernating beetles may become active during warm winter days. They are known to pinch exposed skin and leave stains when squashed. Professional indoor/outdoor treatment will help to minimize beetles and vacuuming will help remove them from the home.


Size: 1/2—1 1/2 inch in length.

Color: Brown or Black with two pairs of legs on each segment of body.

Habits: Often live in decaying leaves, moist vegetation, or mulch. Seen in basements, sometimes dead from drying out after entering the home. Homeowners can help by reducing harborages around home. Professionally treating the soil around home is often necessary.


Size: 1/2—1 inch

Color: Dark brown with forcep-like appendages on end of their abdomen.

Habits: Cousin to the cockroach. Come indoors during warm dry weather. Prefer moist, cool places in mulch, wood piles. Earwigs feed on moss, fungi, mites, and insects. Inside the home they are often found in basements and crawlspaces. Mainly active at night


Size: Up to 1/2 inch long

Color: Black with cris crossing red lines down the back

Habits: Often cluster on box elder trees, maples and other trees and scrubs. They generally enter homes beginning in September—November. Gathering in window and door frames, soffits, porches, siding, crawlspaces and attics. Become active in warm weather. Professional indoor/outdoor treatment will help to minimize beetles and vacuuming will help remove them from home.

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