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Size: 2 inches (The largest that infests buildings in the U.S.)

Color: Reddish Brown with a yellow figure 8 on the shield at the front of it’s body.

Habits: This so called “water bug” prefers a warm, humid environment as found in sewers, basements, and crawlspaces. Will eat almost anything we eat and many things we don’t.


Size: 1 inch

Color: Dark Brown to Black

Habits: Prefer dark, damp places like drains, woodpiles, basements, crawlspaces, and garbage cans. Outdoors they will also be found in doghouses, sheds or similar locations. Often enter buildings through sewer pipes. Will migrate to the outdoors in the Spring. In the Fall they find shelter in basements and crawlspaces.


Size: 1/2 inch

Color: Brown with two dark longitudinal stripes on the shield at the front of the body under which the head is located.

Habits: The most common roach in homes, restaurants, supermarkets and hospitals. They may enter the home on grocery bags, beverage cases, furniture, and appliances. Prefer warm, moist areas near food and water like a kitchen or bathroom. Spends the majority of it’s time resting in cracks and voids. Reproduces the fastest of any other species.


Size: 1/2 inch

Color: Light Gold to Dark Brown

Habits: Responsible for only a small percent of indoor infestations. Usually found in apartments, motels and long term-care facilities. Prefer warm moist conditions often near appliances.


Size: 1/2—1 inch

Color: Reddish Brown to Dark Brown

Habits: Primarily found outdoors. Does not breed indoors. Homes on wooded lots may be more prone to woods roaches.


The five cockroaches listed above are the ones we commonly see in the Midwest. Each requires a different method of control due to different habits. Identification and location of the harborage is the first step. Next, sanitation and removal of food sources needs to be addressed. Low odor, low toxicity gel baits will kill the roaches and leave them unable to reproduce. Professional treatment to identify, locate, and treat the problem can be done with little disturbance to the occupants of the home

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