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Bees / Wasps


Size: 1 inch in length.

Color: Reddish brown, sometimes orange, others with bright yellow stripes

Habits: Nest resembles a round upside down paper comb. Usually build in a protected location beneath soffits, corner of windows, awnings, porches, desks and attics where they can feed on insects. Often see hollow paper nests on outside of home starting in the spring.


Size: 3/4—1 inch

Color: Brown with yellow stripes, fuzzy.

Habits: Aggressive when disturbed. Very active on sunny days, returning to the nest at dusk. Nest in the ground often in old rodent burrows. May also locate its nest inside a wall of a building through a crack.


Size: 1—1 1/2 inch

Color: Golden brown with darker yellow stripes and markings on thorax and abdomen.

Habits: Football shaped paper nests often built in trees or bushes. May also nest in wall voids, attics, chimneys and on the sides of buildings. Very aggressive, will defend nest if disturbed. Loud vibrations from lawn mowers have been known to cause hornets to attack.


Size: 1 inch

Color: Black with some yellow. Resemble the bumble bee but surface of abdomen is smooth and shiny black instead of hairy.

Habits: Bore holes into wood in homes, decks and fences to lay eggs. Produce round holes the size of a finger. Will often have wet wood shavings “dripping” from hole. Prefer bare wood with no paint.


Size: 1 inch

Color: Black with some yellow stripes on thorax and abdomen. Has a hairy abdomen.

Habits: Often build their nests in the ground. Will see bees back and forth between the nest.


Service includes the treatment of nests, outside perimeter of home and nest removal whenever possible. With many of the insects above specific safety precautions must be taken due to aggressiveness. Protective clothing and special equipment is often required.

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